Athens Legal Hackers are thrilled to announce the creation of the Research Group on Medical Science & Technology!

By joining this research group, you and your team will do a research on one of the following subjects, related to the intersection of Medicine & Technology:

  • Technology tools, such as AI, Data Analysis (e.g. Robotic Surgery, Python, Tableau & other programming languages used in Medicine)
  • Legal aspects of the involvement of Technology in Medicine (eg. Responsibility, Privacy concerns)
  • Cybersecurity concerns (eg. Security measures for the security of Medical Data, transfer of data, common hacking attacks)
  • Ethical aspects

The purpose of this research is to demonstrate the intersection points of the two sciences and help us reach a final conclusion on the positive or negative impact of Technology on Human Life! Upon completion, the research will be published on Athens Legal Hackers’ website and the participants will present the findings during a webinar!

If you are interested in joining this Group, do not miss the chance to express your interest, by submitting your application.

Applications Deadline: March 6th, 2022!

Apply Here